Cambridge Secondary School

The School

The Cambridge Secondary - visit our website here, is a mixed day and boarding school located 45 minutes from the Ugandan capital, Kampala, in a sleepy Village called Kyengera in Wakiso District. Its sole mission is to provide Ugandan youth ( especially girls ) access to a high school education regardless of their means.

Unfortunately, there is no universal access to secondary school education in Uganda. Education therefore is not free and to many, not affordable. Cambridge Secondary School is the brain child of Mrs. Kevin Kalule, and is supported by her children,her family international family friends , plus social enterprise, in kind and cash contributions from parents and the various social enterprises that have been set up to generate funds to help the school fulfil its mission and achieve its objectives.

Cambridge Secondary School currently provides a high school education to 400 students, most of whom would not have access to an education were it not be the intervention of the Cambridge Secondary School. What makes our school different?

It is a self funded social enterprise that provides an education through a hybrid of income generating programs: NEXIM International Development Organization (NIDO) - & the NIDO GIFTSHOP.

NIDO – a Canadian registered Charitable organization and its associated fair trade shop - raises budget support funds through the production and marketing and distribution of Ugandan hand made accessories, from house hold accessories to shoes, clothing, ladies accessories and footwear with the net proceeds going to fund the budget needs of the school.

Means tested Fees contributions- Parents and students contribute what they can through both cash and in kind contributions to help support the needs of the school. The school farm dash we operate a school farm that meets the nutritional needs of the school in part.