Ontario African Heritage Tour 2019

Suubi Team

Our Team

Henry Kalule

Henry is one of the sons of the founder and current proprietor of the Cambridge Secondary School, Mrs. Kevin Kalule. Like all his siblings, Henry is inspired by his mother to do what he can to enable those less fortunate to have an equal access to education.

Henry runs his own private health and social care company in Canada and is a Senior Partner at a UK chartered Accounting firm. He shares his time between his home in Toronto, Canada, and his Brixton flat while on work assignments in England, and also regularly visits the Suubi project in Uganda.

Henry also started the Nexim International Development Foundation to support Cambirgde Secondary School and Suubi projects. He uses his skills as a chartered accountant and business development consultant to develop innovative ways for the school to meet its budget objectives, among which are the school’s bio-gas system, its fair trade business, and now its music program.

Henry is a regular volunteer at Cambridge Secondary School, helping with every thing from budgets, project planning and the school farm. He is a member in good standing with Certified Public Accountants of Ontario, and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in England and Wales.

Andrew Kawooya

Andrew serves as the bridge between Suubi’s board of directors, the principal director and the administrators of Cambridge Secondary School, the music program and its artistic director.

Andrew helps keep things ticking along properly at the school, and for the music program he arranges the logistics of preparing travel documents, ensuring that the troupe is well rehearsed and altogether prepared for each project. Andrew is a graduate of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Uganda.

He has worked in the accounting sector, and in green energy innovation, where he works as the principal director of Green Solutions U Ltd..

Justine Birabwa

Justine is graduate of computer science and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Education Management at Makerere University. She is a forceful advocate of the school’s values and mission statement, and helps out with volunteering in the computer-training program. Justine lives in Uganda and cares for the students’ concerns on the ground.

Kinobe Herbert

Herbert Kinobe a.k.a Kinobe was born in Uganda where he and his family lived through poverty.During that period many children lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and the war in Northern Uganda. In 2000, after performing a song on the World Aids Day, he was invited to UNICEF by H.E. Michel Sidibe, and shortly became a UNICEF advocate for children on topics of child labor, HIV and girl education.

Kinobe’s music took a big turn towards social work and soon started touring extensively in throughout Africa, Europe and North America, performing,teaching and working with young people. In 2012 he was appointed World Ambassador for the Harmony Foundation (CANADA) supporting their important work on environmental protection and social development and improving the lives of children and their families around the world.