Black History Month Tour 2023

Our Mission

We aspire to be a high quality education entertainment troupe that shares our culture with Ugandan and international audiences through African song, dance, the spoken word and the African drum. This we aim to achieve through the following;

Our meticulously planned and thought-provoking residence programs foster shared learning opportunities for students from different cultures, ethnicities, nationalities social and economic backgrounds. These residence placements present avenues for students to cross pollinate each other's perspectives on the world and its people. They help students learn about each other while at the same time gaining valuable educational / entertainment value.

Collaborations and partnerships - we reach out to and build partnerships with different groups, both local and international, that foster international understanding through artistic expression. Through these partnerships, our touring group co-creates and performs different pieces of fusion music, poetry and theatrical performances and plays that educate international audiences about both worlds on stage.

The Parent Organization of the Suubi Fusion Troupe – NEXIM International Development Organization("NIDO") , a Canadian registered charitable organization its total commitment is to the development and solvency of the Cambridge Secondary School. NIDO has been and continues to be the principal international backer of all the work being done to support the students and ensure both their educational and aspirational needs are met.

Presenting beautifully choreographed musical, dance and theatrical performances that stimulate both the artistic and educational minds of audiences for whom we are privileged to perform.