Visitor's Program

Ambassadors Visit NIDO Community & Schools

We created our Visitor's Program as a way to share the true soul of our work in Uganda with our network of supporters from around the world. By traveling to Uganda, you will have a chance to build meaningful relationships with our students, teachers and the family that run the school, we can host you either at Mrs. Kevin Kalule's home or at a guesthouse close by. You will experience Uganda for yourself and you’ll leave with a greater understanding and enthusiasm for our work.

The Visitor's Program gives people a chance to see Uganda through the lens of the family who founded school and to understand why they founded it and their vision going forward. You will also come to see the world through the eyes of our students and community. Our visitors are exposed to Ugandan culture, food, shopping, village and city life. Also, as part of the experience, each group will complete a service project alongside our students and teachers .

This is a once in a lifetime adventure and a great opportunity to share in a wide variety of learning experiences that teach trust, servant leadership, cultural respect and awareness and team building. We can assure you that this trip will expand your worldview as you witness firsthand how lives are being changed in Uganda. Who knows? Maybe your life will be changed as well.